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Actual India is an India based travel agency, that through its past 10 years of existence has become a name to reckon with in the travel and tourism industry of India. Years ago, we initiated a drive to present forth the world, the immense bounties of this land of surprises called India. Looking back through the years gone by, the most pleasing aspect is the numerous satisfied clients that we have successfully managed to serve and provide them with pleasant memories to last for a lifetime.

Actual India was formulated to offer enjoyable vacations to tourists and holiday makers from across the globe. Initially concentrated to the few major regions of the country, it was transmuted into a huge projection, covering the entire nation, including famous tourist spots, hill-stations, religious attractions, cultural destinations and adventure destinations. Years later, having served over 10,000 clients, both Indian and foreign, we can safely boast to be well equipped to handle whatever glitches that may come across, and provide you with gratifying and unforgettable vacations. Witness the numerous variances of India with us. Take a stroll through charming lanes lined with historic monuments, relish some days of being away from the bustle in one of the hill stations and watch ferocious predators roam the jungles of India... Actual India takes you on the ride of your life.

Our Endeavor: Know India
India is the land of surprises, a fact aptly visible in each of its characteristics from the contours to the populace. A land that is strewn with ancient rituals and customs, yet has gleefully accepted the new age contemporaries, thus creating a unique blend of the past and present, as seen nowhere else on the planet. India is one of the most ancient civilisations in the world, yet it has influenced all the major civilisations of the world in one way or the other. The world has been fascinated and is following our ideas since ages.

While India is a land of umpteen diversities, it may sometimes turn out to be a little difficult to encompass because of the little hiccups that may present themselves on the way. All you need at such a point is an experienced travel partner who can safely guide you through and help you cover all the multifariousnesses of the country. We, at Actual India, have thoroughly studied all the tourist destinations and travel requisite needed for a safe and enjoyable journey through India. Our tour packages can simply be termed as the best and bettered with time.

Our Strengths
With each passing year, Actual India has climbed the ladder of success and has attained an apex position amongst the travel and tourism service providers of India. Our success can be attributed to numerous factors, the leading amongst these being our dedicated and hardworking staff who make sure to lend that extra bit of effort to make each of the projects special and better from the past ones.

The Team
Our biggest forte is the team of young and hardworking professionals, who under the supervision of trained and experienced project managers make sure that each of the endeavors is a thumping success and the visitors leave only to be back with us again and again.

Services on Offer
We have a comprehensive set of services that will provide you with each and every thing you need with respect to your travel and stay in India. All you need to do is give us a buzz before coming to India and we will make sure you will have nothing else to worry about but gather your very special moments to recall the best trip of your life.

Tour Packages
We have a plethora of especially concocted travel packages that have been developed over years to suit the needs and requirements of various individuals. Further, the packages can be customised exactly according to what the client is looking for. So, be it beaches, historical monuments or wildlife on your mind, we offer you all that and much more...

Hotel Booking
After all the hectic day of sightseeing around the place, all you require is a cosy little place to unwind. Our associations with the leading hotel groups in the country ensure you comfortable and warm hospitality.

Car Rental
We have a large fleet of cars in our repertoire ranging from luxury to simple that will ensure your smooth and hassle free travel across the country.

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